CSSH Courses Offered

Fall 2014

Below is a list of some of the most interesting classes, as well as classes you may not have heard of, which CSSH is offering during the fall 2014 term.

Course NameCRNSectionFaculty Member (Last name, First name)Core Requirement Fulfilled
AFAM 1101 Introduction to African American Studies14139T, 11:45-1:25 and R, 2:50-4:30Chambers, ChristopherComparative Study of Cultures

Social Sciences Core Level 1
AFAM 2339 Analysis of American Racism16710TF, 1:35-3:15Barboza, GiaNone
AFAM 2360 The Politics of Poverty14140TF, 9:50-11:30Barboza, GiaNone
AFRS 1101 Introduction to African Studies15352MWR, 9:15-10:20Panford, KwaminaComparative Study of Cultures

Social Sciences Core Level 1
AFRS 3424 Epidemiology of Pandemic Diseases and Health Disparities in the African Diaspora14298MR, 11:45-1:25Wamai, RichardComparative Study of Cultures
AFRS 4585 Current Issues in the African Diaspora16711TF 1:35-3:15Chandler, RobinNone
CLTR 1505 Introduction to Latin American Culture15449TF, 9:50-11:30Sadow, StephenComparative Study of Cultures

Arts/Humanities Core Level 1
ENGL 1502 American Literature to 186516732TF, 1:35-3:15 Davis, TheoArts/Humanities Core Level 1
ENGL 2360 Modern African American Literature16735MW, 2:50-4:30Brown, Kimberly J.Comparative Study of Cultures
ENGL 3340 Technologies of Text16745MWR, 1:35-2:40Cordell, RyanMath/Analytic Thinking Core Level 2
HIST 1234 United States Since 187716456MWR, 9:15-10:20Schmidt, BenjaminSocial Sciences Core Level 1
HIST 1389 History of Espionage14121MR, 11:45-1:25Burds, JeffreyComparative Study of Cultures

Social Sciences Core Level 1

HIST 2351 Modern Japan16991MWR, 1:35-2:40Havens, TomComparative Study of Cultures
JWSS 1285 Jewish Religion and Culture16486MW, 2:50-4:30Lefkovitz, LoriComparative Study of Cultures

Humanities Core Level 1
JWSS 1575 Jewish Film and Fiction16487WF, 11:45-1:25Ross, JimComparative Study of Cultures
LITR 3502 Cervantes and His Times16466MR, 11:45-1:25Sadow, StephenWriting Intensive in the Major
POLS 2350 State and Local Politics16772MWR, 9:15-10:20Portz, JohnNone
POLS 3435 Politics of the European Union13973WF, 11:45-1:25Davis Cross, Mai'aComparative Study of Cultures
POLS 3470 Arab-Israeli Conflict16783MW, 2:50-4:30Waxman, DovNone
SOCL 3440 Sociology of Human Service Organizations14093TF, 9:50-11:30Rabrenovic, GordanaNone
SOCL 3487 Applied Sociology: Practice and Theory16473TF, 3:25-5:05Dominguez, SylviaExperiential Learning
SOCL 4535 European Union: Social and Political16474MR, 11:45-1:25Jones, AnthonyWriting Intensive in the Major