Information For Students

Information for Students


General Criteria

The Co-op Student Handbook is a great resource for detailed requirements and guidelines for participation in co-op. It is an important reference, and students are expected to be familiar with its contents. New students receive the handbook during their co-op preparation/orientation course. Current students may also view the handbook online by visiting the co-op/career services tab on the myNEU student portal.

  • Students should be in good academic standing in order to begin the co-op job search. This means:
  • Students cannot be on academic probation or dismissal;
  • Students must have a 2.0 GPA or higher;
  • Students must complete a co-op preparation course (EESH 2000 or CRIM 2000);
  • Students must be enrolled in classes at the time they begin seeking a co-op position; and
  • Students must be enrolled full-time.

In addition, students must be “cleared” by their co-op coordinator before they can accept or begin working in a co-op position. For more information about the preparation process, students can see the co-op cycle or see their co-op coordinator.

Current students may download co-op forms, such as the “Co-op Student Performance Evaluation,” from the student portal. Additional forms for international students, such as the “Co-op Authorization Form for International Students” may be downloaded from the International Student and Scholar Institute. In addition, some majors may have their special forms.

First-Time Co-op Students

Students must be cleared for co-op by a coordinator in order to begin job-searching using the co-op database, or to accept a job obtained on their own. The clearance process ensures that all students:

  • Have an up-to-date and professional-quality resumé and cover letter ready to send out to potential employers;
  • Meet academic and professional standards for participating in the co-op program;
  • Discuss career goals and employment options with the co-op faculty; and
  • Will be able to meet co-op requirements and still graduate on time.

In addition, international students must meet visa and immigration requirements for participating in co-op.
For details on co-op preparation, see the co-op cycle or contact a co-op coordinator.

Returning Co-op Students

After completing the six month co-op cycle and returning to campus for reflection, the co-op process begins again. Students should update their resumés and go through the Preparation phase EACH time they go on co-op (i.e. meet with their co-op coordinator and be released to see jobs in the database).