Founded in 2008, the Northeastern Humanities Center supports faculty and student research in the humanities and social sciences; facilitates collaboration across disciplines; and presents humanistic and social scientific research to the wider university community and the general public. Through working groups, forum discussions, symposia, seminars, workshops, informal dialogues, conferences, and joint projects, the Center supports a wide-ranging interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in an atmosphere of respect for different perspectives, experiences, and expertise. Critical and reflective study of culture and artistic and intellectual achievements develops acumen, heightens sensitivity to experience, and enhances our sensibilities. By offering various opportunities for engagement with art, literature, philosophy, history, and social and political formations, the work of the Humanities Center strengthens the foundation from which we can respond meaningfully to one another and the needs of our world.

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Holocaust Awareness Digital Archive: DRS Project Toolkit Pilot

Northeastern’s Annual Holocaust Awareness Week is presented by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities and the Northeastern Humanities Center with the Holocaust Awareness Committee.  The committee is pleased to announce a new archive project selected for the Digital Scholarship Group’s DRS Project Toolkit Pilot Program. In this Pilot program, the DSG will work with selected digital…
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“We are all hurt” – In Memory of the Charleston Victims

June 24, 2015 by Joe O’Connell Published by News@Northeastern Words spoken and sung can pro­vide an outlet when trying to under­stand tragedy and remem­bering those who were sense­lessly lost. That was the moti­va­tion for a spe­cial event Tuesday night cen­tered around music and poetry to remember the nine people shot and killed last week at the…
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