“Back to School” Has a New Meaning

Julie Miller is a gerontological social worker by training and a filmmaker by hobby. She came to MIT’s AgeLab (where she and her colleagues how people can live better lives in old age) by way of Northeastern University, where she teaches, and The University of California, Berkeley, where she received her Masters in Social Work.

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Fostering Collaboration Through Common Language Social change partners must understand the why before digging into the what

Social change often depends on collaboration between industries or organizations that possess different but equally valuable expertise. To foster these collaborations, partners must first understand where there is overlap in their missions and why each organization stands to benefit from the other. But this can be difficult when the language that industries and organizations use to describe their work makes similarities opaque.

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3Qs: Quelling the unrest in Ferguson with Gordana Rabrenovic

In order to rebuild trust between the community and the police, the political leaders, the community members, and the representatives of the local government need to critically examine the excessive use of force by police in Ferguson. They need to look at formal police procedures and the actual outcomes of encounters in the community.

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Pioneering course’s final exam: charitable giving

The final exam for Northeastern’s mas­sive open online course on effec­tive char­i­table giving was not a tra­di­tional essay or a multiple-​​choice test. Instead, stu­dents made a social impact by selecting non­profits to receive grant funding to help sup­port their missions.

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Warren Buffett Makes Sure An Actual Human Reads Every Donation Request He Gets

When Warren Buffett announced in 2006 that he would give away his billions, he was flooded with individual requests for help that still flow in today.

Instead of tossing the letters aside, Buffett packages them up and sends them to his big sister Doris. With the help of seven women, her Sunshine Lady Foundation scrutinizes each request to find people who have come upon bad luck through no fault of their own.

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Bystander Approach Teaches That Others Play Role In Preventing Sexual Violence

Many colleges are reaching out to students to help stop sexual harassment and assault. They’re teaching what’s known as the “bystander approach,” which marks a shift from relying solely on women to protect themselves to the idea that bystanders, both men and women, have a role to play in preventing sexual violence.

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