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Letter from the Chair

At Northeastern’s Department of Political Science, we train future leaders to deal with the most important issues in the world: issues of war and peace, tyranny and democracy, inequality and prosperity. To accomplish this, we combine classroom and experiential learning in unique ways, through our Dialogue programs that send students abroad to study in Geneva, Rio de Janeiro, Amman, and Tokyo with Northeastern faculty members, co-ops at all levels of government as well as in law firms and NGOs, and internships with local and national political campaigns. Read More >>

Political Science News

PhD. Candidate Jarvis Chen selected for CSSH 2014-2015 Outstanding Graduate Teacher Award

For his exceptional work in stimulating the minds of students and encouraging them to share his charisma for Political Science, Jarvis Chen will be recognized on April 2nd, 2015 as the 2014-2015 Outstanding Graduate Teacher…
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Prof. Bormann returns from Rwanda with new co-op opportunity

While doing field work in Rwanda on the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, Professor Bormann worked closely with the Rwandan National Commission for the Fight against Genocide .  This collaboration led to the creation of a co-op position at the National Commission, starting this summer.  Please contact Michelle Zaff (m.zaff@neu.edu) or Professor Bormann (n.bormann@neu.edu) for details.

Undergrad Katherine Powers Travels to Cuba

Undergraduate Katie Powers recently traveled to Cuba to celebrate the recent thawing of US-Cuba relations as a part of her co-op at Code Pink. Katie met with high-ranking government officials, doctors who worked to combat Ebola in Africa, and local community artists. Congrats to Katie on this momentous trip!..
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Political Science Events


Prof. Benedict Jimenez speaks at the Faculty Works-in-Progress Colloquium

Prof. Jiménez will present his talk entitled,

“Separate, Unequal, and Ignored?: Inter-jurisdictional Competition and the Budgetary Choices of Poor and Affluent Municipalities”
04/06/2015 at 12pm..
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