Joseph Mroszczyk

Doctoral Student

Joe_MroszczykJoe is a doctoral student in political science at Northeastern University, focusing on international relations and comparative politics. In addition to serving as a teaching assistant in the Department, Joe also works as a Senior Analyst at a Boston-based market and opinion research firm and also serves as an officer in the US Navy Reserve where he is assigned to a unit supporting the Naval War College in Newport, RI.

Research Interests

Joe’s research interests broadly surround terrorist and extremist groups with a particular focus on recruitment methods and strategies of radical Islamist groups. He is also interested in terrorist tactics and methods (particularly suicide terrorism), religious justifications for violence, and the “radicalization” process that legitimates the use of violence. As a complement to these issues, Joe’s research interests also include national and homeland security policies designed to counter the threats posed by extremist groups.

Prior Work

Joe has experiences conducting research in support of government and military decision-makers that allow him to understand the “real world” applications of academic material. Prior to coming to Northeastern, Joe worked in support of the U.S. Army Human Terrain System (HTS) program. In this role, he conducted social science research and analysis in both Iraq and Afghanistan in support of U.S. Forces, and spent seven months at Victory Base Compound in Baghdad, Iraq directly supporting U.S. Forces and Operation New Dawn with quantitative and qualitative research on the Iraqi population. Before that, Joe was an Honors Fellow and Policy Analyst at the Department of Homeland Security in Washington, DC where he worked in the Office of Counterterrorism and Law Enforcement Policy and also in the Human Factors/Behavioral Sciences Division of the Science and Technology Directorate. Joe has also held positions at a private cyber-security and intelligence firm, at BAE Systems where he worked on a DARPA program, the House of Commons in London with the Shadow Home Secretary at the time, and in the Governor’s Office at the Massachusetts State House.


Joe received his MA in International Relations and Religion at Boston University where he wrote his MA paper on Islamic radicalization in the UK, allowing him to return to London to conduct interviews for his research. He also holds a BA from Boston University in Political Science and History.

When not reading, studying, or working, Joe enjoys skiing, cycling, hiking (he is attempting to hike all 4,000-foot peaks in NH), and anything else that gets him in contact with the New England outdoors.


Fields of Study: Comparative Politics, International Relations

BA & MA, Boston University

Contact info:
311 Meserve Hall