SCCJ Mission Statement

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice prepares students for professional and research careers in criminal justice, criminology and related fields by applying multidisciplinary and comparative social science to understand, predict and explain crime and contribute to the development of public policy within urban communities. Using an active learning approach, the School seeks to develop its students intellectually and ethically, while providing them with a keen appreciation for the complexities of crime, and public and private efforts to make communities safer and ensure justice.

Janice Iwama

Doctoral Candidate

Janice Iwama, a doctoral candidate in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, was recently featured in “The Criminologist” for her work on analyzing hate crimes.

Francesca Vitale

Criminal Justice Major

Francesca Vitale is the current President of the Criminal Justice National Honors Society.

Upcoming Events

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Fighting Human Trafficking-Local initiatives to counter a global problem

Leading figures from the Boston community form a panel to discuss current policies, and important next steps, in working to combat the growing illegal industry of Human Trafficking.

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CSSH Faculty Works-In-Progress Series: “Racial Animus and the Framing of Crime as a Social Problem”

Professor Kevin Drakulich will be speaking about both the overt and hidden influence of racial animus on public understandings of crime as a social problem.

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