Past Events

Dissertation Proposal Defense: Young Ju Chae


Young Ju Chae will be defending her dissertation proposal “Unpacking the Black Box of Criminality and Desistance: Self-Control and Goal-Directed Decision Making” on December 19.

Dissertation Proposal Defense: Kristin Rose


Kristin Rose will be defending her dissertation proposal Tuesday, December 16. Her dissertation is entitled “Intersection of Cognitive-behavioral Programming and Desistance Theories.”

Internship Information Session


Criminal Justice graduate and undergraduate student information session on internships for the spring and summer semesters.

Dissertation Defense: Kristin Bell-Gerke


Kristin Bell-Gerke will defend her dissertation “Victims’ Voices: Sexual Violence in the Armenian and Rwandan Genocides.” Her dissertation committee chair is Nicole Rafter and committee members are Amy Farrell and Uta Poiger.