Past Events

Senior Capstone Presentation – Dec 1


Surrogacy in the U.S.: the Culture and the Law (Samantha Grosso) Bullying as a Way to Police Gender and Sexuality (Jamie Schefen) Effects of Government, Community, and Family on Practice Parameters of ASD Care (Juliana Landsman-Gerjoi) Personal Belief Exemptions: Balancing Individualism and the Greater Good (Megan Herrington) Navajo Nation: Asserting Sovereignty Through Culturally-Based Education (Shelby…
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Senior Capstone Presentation – Nov 24


Personal Aspects that Change Death Penalty Attitudes (Bradley Burcroff) Autism and Special Education: Challenging and investigating the Association (Ana Tarbetsky) Negotiating Trans Bodies and Trans Selves: How Policy Shapes Discourse in an Online Community (Devon Branin) Institutional Power and the Alternative Birth Movement (Rosa Harroun) Zero Tolerance and Restorative Justice Practice: School Discipline Policies (Hayley…
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Field Statement Panel


Professors Len Albright and Jeff Juris and PhD students’ Sarah Faude and Anjuli Ferreira-Fahlberg 2 part panel: Field statement guidelines and department and faculty Student experiences and advice. Please joins us for the field statement panel to go over the field statement guidelines with faculty and students who have successfully completed field statements. RSVP to…
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Social Science Environmental Health Research Presentations – Oct 16


“The Exceptional Politics of Water in a Wasting City” by Jennifer Carrera, PhD Jennifer Carrera, PhD Sociology. Dr. Carrera explores the health impacts of impaired water and sanitation access among low income populations in Detroit, Michigan and Lowndes County, Alabama.