Student Community

Student Community


Leadership Opportunities and Programs

Peer programs are great additional resources for CSSH students, as well as a way for students to become leaders on campus. Many of these programs are primarily geared toward helping first-year students learn about the University and to navigate the many offices on campus, but they are also available to help out any student at Northeastern. Student organizations also offer many wonderful ways for undergraduates to connect with like-minded students on campus.

CSSH Circle

Creating International Relationships through Collaboration, Leadership, and Experience
The Circle is a peer mentoring program that creates cross-cultural mentoring relationships among incoming international students and dedicated upper-class mentors. Mentors participate in a semester long program where they are partnered up with a small group of 2-4 mentees guiding the mentees as they transition academically and socially into Northeastern University, Boston, and United States. Circle mentor teams will meet regularly throughout the semester at both small and large group events on and off-campus. Circle teams will have the opportunity to plan and develop activities engaging Circle participants on various topics including cultural adjustment, connecting with resources on campus, and building stronger connections and community.

Application deadline is August

For Key Dates and Information check the Circle One Sheet (pdf)

Mentor BenefitsMentee Benefits
Be recognized as a student leaderConnect with college resources to help your transition to Northeastern and Boston
Gain more insights of other cultures while reflecting on your own cultureEngage more with your college – CSSH
Establish new friendships with incoming international studentsEstablish new friendships with other international students and upper-class mentors
Gain leadership experience to highlight on your resumeHave your questions about American social life and university academics answered
Connect more closely with your college – CSSHImprove communication and English language skills
Develop interpersonal cross-cultural communication skillsReceive academic tips and insights from upperclassmen

Peer Tutors

The university’s Peer Tutoring Program is available to any Northeastern undergraduate students and is located in 101 Lake Hall. Tina Kondopoulos, the Director for Tutoring, provides direction for the tutoring services and works with a team of graduate and undergraduate student coordinators to support the tutoring efforts in the academic departments.

To find out more about receiving tutorial assistance or on how to become involved as a student coordinator, visit the peer tutoring website.

Student Organizations

Northeastern is home to more than 325 student organizations. Student government associations allow students to develop leadership potential. Academic and professional societies allow students to network with accomplished professionals in various fields. There are athletic clubs, performing arts groups, cultural organizations, and everything in between.

At Northeastern, there are plenty of ways to get involved. For a list of selected organizations that are of particular interest to CSSH students, click here.