Detrich Lab

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H. William Detrich, P.I.

Sandra Parker, Research Technician

Mike Peters, Graduate Student

Eileen Sheehan, Undergraduate Independent Research

Urjeet Khanwalkar, Undergraduate Independent Research

Ben Moran, Undergraduate Independent Research



Previous Northeastern lab members
Graduate Students:
• Mo Hu, M.S. in Biology (2011), Researcher in Jupiter, FL
• Joyce Lau, M.S. in Biology (2009), Ph.D. candidate SUNY, Stony Brook
• Steven Hann, Ph.D. in Biology (2006), Researcher, Children’s Hospital, Boston
• Catherine Cornell, M.S. in Biology (2005), Research Associate III, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Boston
• Donald Yergeau, Ph.D. in Biology (2003), Researcher, St. Jude Children’s Research. Hospital Memphis, TN
• David Lau, Ph.D. in Biology (2000), Founder, MC2PD, Mammalian Cell Culture Process Development Consulting
• Amna Saeed-Kothe, M.S. in Biology (1997), [Ph.D. Northeastern University (Powers-Lee) 2003] Researcher, Biogen-Idec (2003-2010)
• Ming-Chuan Chen, Ph.D. in Biology (1998) Associate Professor, Department of Marine Biotechnology, National Kaohsiung Institute of Marine Technology, Taiwan
• Yuqiong Zhao, M.S. in Biology (1997)
• Manoja Ratnayake-Lecamwasam, M.S. in Biology (1995), [Ph.D. Tufts (2001)], Co-Director of the Catholic Healthcare West Intellectual Innovation Network at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center Phoenix, Arizona

Visiting Research Scientists and Postdoctoral Fellows:

• Dr. Laura Ghigliotti, visiting Research Scientist (2013), Universita degli Studi di Genova, Genova, Italy
• Dr. Jeffery Grim, NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship (2010-2012), Presbyterian College, SC
• Dr. Victoria Metcalf, visiting Research Scientist (2007), University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
• Dr. Daniela Giordano, visiting Research Scientist (2006), Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR, Naples, Italy
• Dr. Cinzia Verde, visiting Research Scientist (2005),Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR, Italy
• Dr. Sandra Puciarelli, visiting Research Scientist (2002), University of Camerino, Camerino, Italy
• Dr. Ennio Cocca, visiting Research Scientist (1995), Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR, Naples, Italy
• Dr. Laura Cammardella, visiting Research Scientist (1992), Institute of Protein Biochemistry, CNR, Naples, Italy
• Dr. Kirk Malloy, Postdoctoral Fellow (1995)
• Dr. Mikael Rutberg, Postdoctoral Fellow (1996)
• Dr. Marianne Farrington, Postdoctoral Fellow, (1990)

Co-op Students, Honors Projects, Interns, Independent Research and Exchange Students:

• Alessia Santilli, Master's Thesis Intern (2013), University of Camerino, Camerino, Italy
• Leo Almeida, Co-op and Independent Research (2011-2013) & Antarctic Field Season Participant (2013)
•J ack Mlabasati, Independent Research (2011-2012)
• Diep Nguyen, Independent Research (2011-2012)
• Corey Allard, Independent Research (2010-2013), Antarctic Field Season Co-op (2011 & 2012) Honors Projects (2012)
• Carrie Hanscom, Summer Intern (2006), M.S. in Biotechnology, now at Sanofi-Aventis
• Jennifer Curato, Honors Projects (2005), PhD SUNY, Stony Brook, now at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.
• Elizabeth Palaima, Honors Project (2003), PhD (2010) Boston University School of Medicine
• Jackie Sicoli, Independent Research (2002)
• Exchange Students: Insa Bultmann (2005), Mehtap Derici (2002), Joerg Glende (2002), Aurea Burchard (2000), Christian Busold (1999), Claudia Jobs (1995)


2004 Icefish Cruise Members:

As Chief Scientist for the 2004 Icefish Cruise, Bill had the pleasure to work with the following 32 notable international scientists on this unique cruise from May to July 2004. see

Palmer Station Team Members for at least one cruise (some for many more!):
Yinan Hu, Nathalie Le Francois, Thomas Desvignes, Urjeet Khanwalkar, John Postlethwait, Tom Titus, Xinun He, Kristen Kuhn, Juan Carlos Zabala, Hugo Yebenes Cayetano Gonzalez, Jose Maria Valpuesta, Jorge Cuellar, Mo Hu, Jonathan Wong, Joyce Lau, Sandra Puciarelli, Ronald Melki, Amna Saeed-Kothe, David Lau, Sid Marchese-Ragona, Steve King, Ennio Cocca, Guido DiPrisco, Tony Frankfurter, Chris Amemiya, Steve Hann, Donald Yergeau, Martin Bulger, Mikael Rutberg, Robley Williams, Bill Singer, Kirk Malloy, Laura Camardella, Barbara Methe, Naomi Ward, Marianne Farrington, Laurie Connell, Sandra Parker