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Sandra Parker, Research Technician

SandraOriginally from Louisiana, I worked for 3 years at the University of Georgia and then suddenly found myself in New England, a place I never thought I would be. I then joined the Detrich Lab as a Research Technician and ended up in Antarctica, another place I never thought I would be. Twenty some odd years and 11 trips to Antarctica later, I still find the work fascinating. At present, I am continuing to investigate the loss of the hemoglobin genes from the Antarctic icefish by cloning and analyzing genes of globin complexes from non-Antarctic fish species to compare against our data set of Antarctic complexes. In addition I hope to learn more about the mechanism of the loss by studying the globin gene organization as revealed in BAC clones of a red-blooded and a bloodless species. I am also contributing to the investigation of the evolution of the chaperonin containing CCT and its tubulin substrates for folding and function at cold temperature.