Dr. Seif El-Nasr currently directs the Games User Experience and Research Lab at Northeastern University. She is also still affiliated with the EMIIE lab that she previously directed at Simon Fraser University.

She also Directs the Game Educational Programs and Research at Northeastern centered in the PLAIT lab

The current mission for the Games User Experience and Research lab is to explore multidisciplinary research on game and interactive media design. Members of the lab are composed of multi-disciplinary research teams of graduate and undergraduate students exploring game and interactive media design in two different dimensions: (a) technical/design: developing novel game mechanics and interactive experiences for a purpose (health, education, or intellectual exercises), or (b) psychological/methodological: studying behavior, emotions, and motivation as participants interact with games and interactive media experiences.

Current industrial collaborators: IgnitePlay

Please see PLAIT website for active research projects.

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