Social Intelligence – Improv Games, what theatre can teach us about building games to promote social intelligence

Social Intelligence, the ability to function effectively within a group is a critical human skill, requiring awareness of the social environment, concern for others, as well as the ability to harness and develop human relationships. Learning how to cope within a social situation requires participants to be selective about their physical non-verbal behavior as these behaviors impact social socials, trust, and rapport. Currently, there are only few interactive experiences that engage participants in narratives allowing them to exercise non-verbal behaviors that influence social relationships and attitudes conveyed. In this project, we aim to borrow from work on improvisational theatre and acting theory to develop a multi-agent interactive narrative allowing participants to engage in an interactive social situation, and learn about the influence of their non-verbal behaviors on others. The design of the system and the underlying tools and technologies contribute to several communities, including HCI, Interactive Narrative, and Graphics communities.

Collaborators: Stacy Marsella (USC), Norman Badler (UPenn), and Sharon Carnicke (USC)
PhD Student: Simon Fraser University (Michael Nixon)

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