SUSY09: 5-10 June
BSM-LHC: 2-4 June

Registration: Abstract Submittal

Note: Submission of an abstract implies the transfer of copyrights to the publisher.

Parallel session abstracts can be submitted to any track other than the two plenary tracks.

SUSY09 Plenary abstracts should be entered using the track labelled Plenary talks only.

BSM-LHC abstracts should also be entered using this form. Please select the BSM-LHC track. BSM-LHC talks are all plenary and are by invitation only.

Multiple Abstracts (including BSM/LHC + SUSY09). Please contact us for instructions. In general, a second SUSY09 abstract for a single individual will only be approved for presentation after the deadline for submissions.

The deadline for abstracts is March 31, 2009. Acceptance of papers will be made known within two weeks of abstract submission and the process continued until April 14, 2009. Notice of acceptance will be posted on this page (if you have logged in) and an e-mail will be sent to the address provided at registration.

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