SUSY09: 5-10 June
BSM-LHC: 2-4 June

SUSY '09 Parallel Schedule

P1.A (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Teruki Kamon
BhattiSearch for Supersymmetry signatures in events with jets or photons at CDF
BiscaratSearches for Squarks and Gluinos Using Data from D0
StrologasSearch for trilepton SUSY signal at CDF
BesanconSearch for Charginos and Neutralinos with the D0 detector

P1.B (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Teruki Kamon
IvanovSearches in Dilepton Final States at CDF
UzunyanSearch for direct sbottom production in b-jets+missing transverse energy final states with the D0 Detector
D'AlfonsoVector Boson plus Jets background to the early MET plus Jets Search
MeyerGeneric Search for Deviations from Standard Model Predictions in CMS
LeggerNew developments in data-driven background determinations for SUSY searches in ATLAS

P1.C (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Dirk Zerwas
FlaecherPrediction of Supersymmetric Spectra in CMSSM and NUHM1 with Frequentist Analysis
DuttaSUGRA Models at the LHC
MukhopadhyayaBenchmarking non-universal SUSY through multichannel analysis at the LHC
RizzoSUSY Without Prejudice
MunozPhenomenology of a new supersymmetric standard model: the μν SSM

P1.D (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Teruki Kamon
BoxRenormalization Group Analysis of Supersymmetric Particle Interactions
HidakaImpact of squark generation mixing on the search for gluinos at LHC
LastovickaStudies of SUSY processes at ILC
MenonB-physics, Higgs physics and the scale of SUSY breaking in the MSSM
SanderSUSY parameter determination using kinematic fits
SchulTwo photon exclusive production of SUSY pairs at the LHC
XiaoThe NLO QCD corrections to associate production of squarks and charginos at LHC

P2.A (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Pavel Fileviez Perez
Cirilo Lombardo Riemannian superspaces, exact solutions and the geometrical meaning of the field localization
SpinnerA Mechanism for Spontaneous R-parity Violation
GiedtUsing supercomputers to study what the LHC might see
BakerBSM searches with a Free Electron Laser

P2.B (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Carlos Munoz
de AlwisQuantum and Kaluza-Klein threshold effects in String Theoretic super GUTs
GallegoAn Effective Description of the Landscape
NunezAspects of Gauge-Strings Duality
UzawaDynamical intersecting brane solutions of supergravity
Von HarlingTachyons in Throat Cosmology

P2.C (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Kiwoon Choi
EverettDeflected Mirage Mediation
JungAnomaly-Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking Demystified
KikuchiAnomaly mediation assisted by B-L Z' mediation
PazFrom A to Z': combining anomaly and Z' mediation
SetzerA New Means To Deflection in AMSB

P2.D (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Pavel Fileviez Perez
BuicanFurther Explorations of General Gauge Mediation
HaberConstraints on the pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Boson of Meta-stable SUSY-Breaking
KimGeneral mu/Bmu problem and global symmetry in SUSY
KurachiHiggsinoless Supersymmetry and Hidden Gravity
ThomasCalculable Metastable SUSY Breaking: a Nest at Tree-Level
WechtSemi-direct Gauge Mediation

P3.A (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Hooman Davoudiasl
FerapontovSearches for Extra Dimensions and for Heavy Resonances in Leptons, Photons, and Missing Transverse Energy Final States
GoncharovSearches for extra dimensions
VarelasMeasurement of dijet angular distributions in the TeV regime and searches for quark compositeness and extra spatial dime

P3.B (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Greg Landsberg
ChenSearch for Universal Extra Dimensions
FlackePhenomenology of Non-minimal UED
GhoshProbing two Universal Extra Dimensions at International Linear Collider with photons.
ShuPhenomenology of Split-UED
TakeuchiCollider phenomenology of split-UED

P3.C (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Greg Landsberg
CardaciExtra Dimensions in Photon or Jet plus Missing Transverse Energy
FrostPhenomenology of Rotating Extra-Dimensional Black Holes at Hadron Colliders
HarperNew Gauge Bosons and Extra Dimension Resonances
IsseverSearch for mini-black holes with ATLAS

P3.D (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Eduardo Pontón
CuiEmergent Electroweak Symmetry Breaking with Composite W, Z Bosons
HeinonenGauge mediation signatures without SUSY
LinaresCasimir effect in brane world models
SakamuraFlavor structure with multi moduli in 5D SUGRA
Santiago PerezNew results in soft wall models
SchwallerThe minimal moose little Higgs with exact T-parity
UekusaOperators in ultraviolet completions for Electroweak collective symmetry breaking

P4.A (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Freya Blekman
LacroixMeasurements of the ttbar Cross Section at D0 and Interpretations
MoedTop Quark Production (including single top)
YooSearch for Anomalous Top Quark Production at D0

P4.B (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Aaron Dominguez
AnnoviDiboson physics at CDF
JabeenSearch for New Physics Contamination in the Top Quark Samples at D0
LiObservation of Single Top Quark Production and Measurements of the Wtb Coupling at D0
SinervoTop Quark Mass Measurements at CDF
SnyderMeasurements of the Top Quark Mass at D0

P4.C (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Shrihari Gopalakrishna
BlekmanTop Physics at CMS
IsobeSearch for resonances decaying into top quark pairs with ATLAS
KimTop for mT2, mT2 for top
RaoTop Polarization as a Probe of New Physics

P4.D (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Vladislav Simak
AleksaPerformance of the ATLAS detector on first single beam and cosmic rays data
ArnaezElectron Reconstruction and Identification with the ATLAS Detector
CavanaughParticle-Flow Event Reconstruction in CMS and Performance for Jets, Taus and Transverse Missing Energy
DominguezBtag algorithms and performance studies with CMS
DonegaPhoton Reconstruction and Identification with the ATLAS Detector
EverettMuon Reconstruction and Identification in CMS
Lopez MateosIn-Situ Determination of the ATLAS Muon Performance

P4.E (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Thomas Rizzo
KrohnJets with Variable R
MagassW+jets and Z+jets studies with the CMS detector at the CERN LHC
MeiroseDetermination of QCD backgrounds: A challenge for SUSY searches

P4.F (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Yuri Gershtein
BarfussSearches for Leptoquark production in p p-bar collisions at the D0 experiment
CulbertsonRare and exotic processes
DiaconuModel-dependent searches for new physics at HERA
DobrinSearches for New Physics with the ALICE Experiment in pp Collisions
GoldSearches for new massive vector bosons with CDF
KrausModel Independent Search for New Physics in Leptonic Final States at D0

P4.G (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Marc Sher
GershteinSearch for Hidden Valleys with Photons at D0
JohnsonSearch for Neutral Long-lived Particles Decaying to b-bbar at D0
MarinoSearch for new physics with long lived particles
ShiraiStop and Decay of Long-lived Charged Massive Particles at the LHC detectors
XieSearch for Charged Massive Long-Lived Particles Using Data from D0

P4.H (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Paul de Jong
MackeprangSignatures of long-lived colored sparticles
MermodDiscovery Potential of R-hadrons with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC
OkuiNew Strong Dynamics at the TeV Scale: from multi-jet resonances at the Tevatron to di-CHAMPs at the LHC
RatnikovSearch for Long Lived Particles that are Stopped in CMS
RizziSearch for Heavy Stable Charged Particles in CMS
TaremReconstruction and Identification of Heavy Long-Lived Particles at the ATLAS Detector at the LHC

P5.A (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Mu-Chun Chen
CatastiniBs mixing and lifetime difference measurements at CDF
Ruiz-JimenoRecent results on Bs→μμ and other FCNC decays from the CDF experiment
StromA new measurement of B_s0 mixing parameters from the flavor-tagged decays of B_s0 at D0
YounRare B decays at D0

P5.B (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Mario E Gomez
De NardoSearches for leptonic B decays at BaBar
HaraB decays with tau at Belle
HyunRadiative and Electroweak Penguins at Belle
Lopes PegnaMeasurement of the Semileptonic B→D(*)tau nu Decays at BaBar
WickProbing New Physics with b→ sll and b→s nu nu transitions
YarrituMeasurements of the b→dγ Transition at BaBar

P5.C (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Mario E Gomez
AltmannshoferIdentifying the flavor structure of SUSY theories through low energy CP violating observables
GomezExceptional point and degeneracy of the neutral heavy Higgs system H_2-H_3
LiuFamily Non-universal U(1)' Gauge Symmetries and b →s Transitions
VirtoNLO QCD corrections to Bs-Bsbar mixing in the MSSM with large squark mixings
GersabeckB Physics at the LHC

P5.D (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Stephen Barr
BifaniTest of Lepton Universality with Kaon decays at NA62
GrahamA Domino Theory of Flavor
SeoF-theory and Neutrinos: Kaluza Klein Dilution of Flavor Hierarchy
TwedtSearches for Heavy Neutrinos at CMS
Velasco-SevillaFlavons at the LHC
Villanova del MoralLepton flavour violating slepton decays to test type-I and II seesaw at the LHC

P6.A (Saturday June 6, 8:30 AM - 108 Snell)
Chair: Thomas Paul
Figueroa-FelicianoTowards Direct Detection of WIMPs with the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search
NiThe XENON Dark Matter Search Program
SumnerFirst science results from ZEPLIN-III

P6.B (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 108 Snell)
Chair: Luis Anchordoqui
KeeferWorking Toward a Low Energy Solar Neutrino Measurement with KamLAND
LarsonResults from WMAP
PanasyukHigh Energy Cosmic Ray Electrons by the ATIC Balloon Experiment: Astrophysical and Astroparticle aspects.
RicciDark matter indirect search: PAMELA experiment

P6.C (Saturday June 6, 2:00 PM - 108 Snell)
Chair: Tim Sumner
ArmengaudStatus of the Edelweiss-II experiment
FiorucciThe LUX Dark Matter Search: Objectives and Status
PalingDirectional WIMP dark matter detection

P6.D (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 108 Snell)
Chair: Daniel Feldman
AnchordoquiNeutrino probe of cosmic ray astrophysics and new physics at sub-fermi distances
GiulianiHunting the Dark Matter with DEAP/CLEAN
LoucatosIndirect Search for Dark Matter with the ANTARES Neutrino Telescope

P6.E (Saturday June 6, 8:40 AM - 168 Snell)
Chair: Anupam Mazumdar
BlanchetLow-scale seesaw, the baryon asymmetry and the LHC
ChungAdvances in Supersymmetric Electroweak Baryogenesis
KießigThermal masses in leptogenesis
LiSupersymmetric electroweak baryogenesis and EDMs

P6.F (Saturday June 6, 10:30 AM - 168 Snell)
Chair: Daniel Chung
BasbøllSUSY Flat Directions – to get a VEV or not?
GallicchioStabilized Brane Inflation without Warping
KostkaTribrid Inflation in Supergravity
MazumdarOrigin of inflation, dark matter and baryon asymmetry
RajendranAstrophysical Probes of Unification

P6.G (Saturday June 6, 1:50 PM - 168 Snell)
Chair: David Morrissey
CerulliParticle Dark Matter and DAMA/LIBRA
WackerComposite Inelastic Dark Matter
SchusterNew Fixed-Target Experiments to Search for Dark Gauge Forces
EssigProbing Dark Forces and Light Hidden Sectors at Low-Energy e+e- Colliders
KatzSequestered Dark Force

P6.H (Saturday June 6, 4:10 PM - 168 Snell)
Chair: Daniel Chung
GainerMSSM Dark Matter Without Prejudice
HolmesDark Matter Prospects in Deflected Mirage Mediation
LiuDecoding the origin of dark matter
PierceChanges in Dark Matter Properties After Freezeout
SandickDetecting Dark Matter in the MSSM with Non-Universal Higgs Masses
ShanAMIDAS: A Model-Independent Data Analysis System for Direct Dark Matter Detection Experiments
P1.E (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Alan Barr
AlwallMeasuring sparticles with the Matrix Element
FreitasDistinguishing Majorana Gluinos and Neutralinos
HanEvent reconstruction and spin determination in SUSY-like events with missing energy
KimKinematic Cusps: Determining the Missing Mass and Spin at the LHC

P1.F (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Aaron Pierce
PortellProspects for SUSY discovery based on inclusive searches with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
PajchelMulti-lepton SUSY searches with the ATLAS detector
Castaneda-MirandaSearch for dilepton and lepton+Etmiss resonances at high mass with ATLAS
StoyeSearch for R-Parity conserving SUSY in the all-hadronic channel at CMS
KarapostoliSearches for SUSY in leptons+jets+MET final states
RemingtonCMS Detector Sensitivity for the Discovery of Supersymmetry with Two Same-sign Leptons, Jets and MET

P1.G (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Teruki Kamon
BornhauserRapidity Gap Events in Squark Pair Production at the LHC
GermerElectroweak contributions to squark pair production at the LHC
LangenfeldHigher-order soft corrections to squark pair production at the Tevatron and the LHC
MackinSearch for the Lightest Scalar Top Quark at D0
RolbieckiCP violation in SUSY cascade decay chains at the LHC

P1.H (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 105 Shillman)
Chair: Aaron Pierce
ZendlerReconstruction of tau Leptons and prospects for SUSY in ATLAS
OzturkExclusive measurements for SUSY events with the ATLAS detector at the LHC
GrossCharged Higgs Transverse Mass Observables
Diaz-CruzCharged Higgs and Yukawa Textures

P1.I (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Aaron Pierce
BuSearch for Sneutrino Production and Decay in the e+mu Final State
FrenchR-parity violation with jet signatures at the ATLAS Detector
GrabAll Possible Lightest Supersymmetric Particles in R-Parity Violating mSUGRA Models and their Signals at the LHC
HaywardSignatures of GMSB with non-pointing photons at the ATLAS Detector

P1.J (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: David Miller
AthronPhenomenological Consequences of the Constrained Exceptional Supersymmetric Standard Model
BlechmanR-symmetric Gauge Mediation and the MRSSM
BraamTwo Step Unification
ClavelliProbing the Singlet Extended Susy Higgs Model at the LHC
NevzorovGauge coupling unification and the lightest Higgs mass in the E6SSM
ReuterNMSSM event generator for the LHC

P1.K (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Piyush Kumar
Adam-BourdariosExtraction of the Higgs and Supersymmetry parameters
BalazsLikelihood analysis of the next-to-minimal supergravity motivated model
KahawalaStochastic resolution of the LHC inverse problem
ToroDescribing the Structure of New Physics using Simplified Models
WienemannExtracting SUSY parameters from LHC measurements using Fittino

P1.L (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 135 Shillman)
Chair: Shrihari Gopalakrishna
CarpenterModels and Pheno in Multi-Parameter Gauge Mediation
HonkavaaraCorrelations between sneutrino oscillations and signatures at the LHC in anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking
NakamuraLow-scale Gauge Mediation and Composite Messenger Dark Matter
SantosoSignatures of Sneutrino NLSP in Gravitino Dark Matter Scenario at the LHC

P1.M (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 220 Shillman)
IizukaSystematic study of 1-Loop correction on sparticle decay widths using GRACE/SUSY-loop
MunirExplicit CP violation in the MSSM Higg sector through gg to H_1 to di-photon
O'LearyBounds on Light Neutralinos From Mesonic Decays
StålConstraints on Higgs boson masses and couplings in the general 2HDM

P1.N (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: George Alverson
Cuenca AlmenarSearches for SM and BSM Higgs bosons in CDF
KolomenskySearches for a low-mass Higgs boson in Upsilon decays at BaBar
MalSearch for Beyond the Standard Model Higgs Bosons in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV
TakahashiSearch for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in ppbar Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV

P1.O (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Csaba Balazs
BerniusAssociated SM Higgs search in ATLAS
FantiInclusive SM Higgs Searches in ATLAS
PalmerHiggs production via weak boson fusion in the Standard Model and the MSSM
PuljakHiggs search in H→ZZ decay channels with the CMS detector
SchottHiggs search in H→WW decay channels with the CMS detector
SchottProjected exclusion limits on the SM Higgs boson cross sections obtained by combining the H to WW and ZZ decay channels.

P1.P (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Sven Heinemeyer
FowlerPrecise Predictions for Higgs Production in Neutralino Decays
Lampen Beyond SM Higgs searches
LisantiDiscovering the Higgs with Low Mass Muon Pairs
MarinelliSearch for the SM Higgs Boson produced in Vector Boson Fusion and decaying into tau pair in CMS with 1fb-1
MurraySM Higgs properties measurement at ATLAS

P1.Q (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 320 Shillman)
Chair: Brooks Thomas
Heinemeyer HiggsBounds: Limits on SUSY and other BSM Higgs sectors from LEP/Tevatron data
KimHiggs Phenomenology of Scalar Sequestering
MedinaA Heavy Higgs and a Light Sneutrino NLSP in the MSSM with Enhanced D-terms
MorrisseyHiggs Boson Signatures of MSSM Electroweak Baryogenesis

P1.R (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 215 Shillman)
Chair: David Morrissey
DeppischProbing SUSY CP Violation in Stop Decays at the LHC
FrankCP-violating asymmetry in stop decay into bottom and chargino
GininaCP violation in H±t production at the LHC
Hernández-SánchezCharged Higgs boson phenomenology in Supersymmetric models with Higgs triplets

P2.E (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 315 Shillman)
Chair: Pavel Fileviez Perez
DorsnerStatus of the minimal supersymmetric SO(10)
Hundimu problem, proton stability and neutrino masses in a supergravity model
MimuraFlavor Symmetry in Gauge-Higgs-Matter Unified Orbifold GUTs
MondragonFinite SU(3)3 Model
WesthoffProbing the Yukawa sector in Grand Unified Theories with kaon mixing

P3.F (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 215 Shillman)
Chair: Eduardo Pontón
ChenA Viable Flavor Model in RS for Quarks and Leptons
TohariaFlavor bounds and phenomenology in the scalar sector of RS scenarios
DavoudiaslSignals of Warped Top-Condensation in B-Decays
GoriPredictions of Warped Extra Dimensions for Flavor Phenomenology
ShahGauge Higgs Phenomenology in Warped Extra Dimensions
SherThe Fourth Generation in Extensions of the Standard Model

P4.I (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Jacob Wacker
ChenUpdating Sparticle Landscape in SUGRA-mediation
AltunkaynakStudying Gaugino Mass Unification at the LHC
ConleyLHC SUSY signatures without prejudice
De SimoneLeptogenic SUSY
Sanchis-LozanoNew signatures of (Un)particles from Hidden sectors in mutiparticle production at the LHC/Tevatron

P4.J (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Thomas Rizzo
GopalakrishnaHidden Sector Dark Matter and LHC Signatures
GuptaDistinguishing Little Higgs Models from Supersymmetry at the LHC using trileptons
LeeNew physics search via Z' resonance
MunirNew improved constraints on Z' mass
SpethmannModel Discrimination at the LHC: a Case Study

P4.K (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 220 Shillman)
Chair: Thomas Rizzo
HornA Bottom-Up Approach to SUSY Analyses
IdarragaVector boson scattering at high mass
LiSearches for fourth generation quarks
StroehmerProspects for early discoveries at the LHC with dileptons, jets and no missing energy with the ATLAS detector

P5.E (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Lisa Everett
KolarkarSearch for the Neutron Electric Dipole Moment at the SNS at Oak Ridge
MahanthappaA Novel Origin of CP Violation
RuppellHow fine-tuned is a large Muon EDM from Flavor?
StraubThe SUSY CP problem in supergravity-induced SUSY breaking models

P5.F (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Francesca Borzumati
BiassoniMeasurements of time-dependent CP asymmetries in b→s penguin dominated hadronic B decays at BaBar
LazzaroMeasurements of Time-Dependent CP Violation in Radiative B Decays at BaBar
SquillaciotiPhenomena related to CP violation at CDF
VarnerSearch for New Physics at Super-KEKB
WatsonMeasurements of Rate and Angular Asymmetries in the Radiative Electroweak Decays B→K(*)l+l- at BaBar
YarrituMeasurement of Branching Fractions and CP and Isospin asymmetries in B→K*γ at BaBar

P5.G (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Mu-Chun Chen
BanerjeeSearch for lepton-flavor violating Upsilon decays at BaBar
HerreroSensitivity to the Higgs sector of SUSY-Seesaw models via LFV tau decays
KerstenConstraints on Flavor Symmetries from Lepton Flavor Violation
MarchioriSearch for lepton flavor violating tau decays at BaBar
MustafayevLepton flavor violation and dark matter

P5.H (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 335 Shillman)
Chair: Lisa Everett
BorzumatiThe MSSU(5) model with NROs and universality of soft masses
IlakovacSupersymmetric Lepton Flavour Violation in Low-Scale Seesaw Extensions of the MSSM
MaekawaSpontaneous CP violation in E6 GUT with horizontal symmetry
SpinrathNew GUT predictions for quark and lepton mass ratios confronted with phenomenology

P5.I (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 315 Shillman)
Chair: Stephen Barr
GomezLepton Flavour Violation in b-tau Yukawa Unification with Massive Neutrinos
MimuraThe Phase of Bs-anti Bs Mixing and Bs →μμ in Grand Unified Theories
TavartkiladzeNatural SUSY Leptogenesis Scenarios
TsedenbaljirYukawa unifications through SUSY thresholds and their experimental implications

P5.J (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 315 Shillman)
Chair: Jose WF Valle
BarrPrediction of θ13 and leptonic CP violation in a Class of SO(10) models
de Medeiros VarzielasNeutrino mixing in unified extended seesaw model
DeppischPredictions for Lepton Flavor Violating Processes in Resonant Leptogenesis
MerloBimaximal Neutrino Mixing and Weak Complementarity with S4 Discrete Symmetry
MicuExplaining LSND and MiniBooNE using altered neutrino dispersion relations.
OkuiA Common Origin for Neutrino Anarchy and Charged Hierarchies

P6.I (Sunday June 7, 8:40 AM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Luis Anchordoqui
KileLight fermionic dark matter and its possible detection in neutrino experiments
NagaoBaryons and dark matter arising from the same origin in anomalous U(1) GUT
SummyMixed Axion/Axino Dark Matter in SO(10) Supersymmetric GUTs

P6.J (Sunday June 7, 10:30 AM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Daniel Feldman
AllahverdiSneutrino dark matter and PAMELA/ATIC
BaiPAMELA meets NMSSM: positrons from kinematics
KumarThe Leptonic Higgs as a Messenger of Dark Matter
ParkSplit-UED and Dark matter
SinhaNon-Thermal Dark Matter, the Moduli Problem, and Observed Anomalies in Cosmic Rays
TranCosmic-ray signatures of dark matter decay

P6.K (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Daniel Chung
ChunSub-GeV U(1) dark sector in GMSB models
KumarWIMPless Dark Matter
PolandHidden Sectors at a GeV
RitzProbing hidden sectors via the U(1) portal

P6.L (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 305 Shillman)
Chair: Zuowei Liu
BaroCoannihilation with a chargino and gauge boson pair production at one-loop
CerdenoThermal right-handed sneutrino dark matter in the NMSSM
KovarikSupersymmetric QCD Corrections to Dark Matter Annihilation
SheltonDark Matter through the Neutrino Portal

P7.A (Sunday June 7, 2:00 PM - 215 Shillman)
Chair: Zackaria Chacko
DixonCybersusy: A New Mechanism for Supersymmetry Breaking in the SUSY Standard Model
GherghettaThe Soft-Wall Standard Model
NevzorovOn the smallness of the cosmological constant in SUGRA models inspired by degenerate vacua
SynatschkeThe Phase Diagram for Wess-Zumino Models

P7.B (Sunday June 7, 4:10 PM - 215 Shillman)
Chair: Tony Gherghetta
ChackoSupersymmetry in Slow Motion
KongAn Alternative Supersymmetric NJL Model
PontónSupersymmetric Electroweak Symmetry Breaking