SUSY09: 5-10 June
BSM-LHC: 2-4 June

SUSY '09 Plenary Schedule

Session 1 (Friday June 5, 8:30 AM)
Chair: Pran Nath
JenniLHC Entering Operation: an Overview of the LHC Program
D'OnofrioExperimental searches for SUSY at the Tevatron

Coffee Break (Friday June 5, 10:45 AM)

Session 2 (Friday June 5, 11:15 AM)
Chair: George Alverson
BüscherExperimental Searches for Higgs Bosons at the Tevatron
BaerLeptonic SUSY signatures at the LHC

Lunch (Friday June 5, 12:45 PM)

Session 3 (Friday June 5, 2:15 PM)
Chair: Haim Goldberg
DreinerHow light can the lightest Neutralino be?
AntoniadisAnomaly driven physics of extra U(1)'s
SundrumDark Masses and SUSY Breaking

Coffee Break (Friday June 5, 3:45 PM)

Session 4 (Friday June 5, 4:10 PM)
Chair: Michael Vaughn
CveticD-Instantons and Particle Physics Implications
RabyString Model Building
de BoerIndirect Dark Matter Signatures in the light of FERMI, EGRET and PAMELA

Reception (Friday June 5, 6:30 PM)
Session 5 (Monday June 8, 9:00 AM)
Chair: Howard Haber
DavidCMS: from commissioning to first beams
JinnouchiSearches for SUSY with the ATLAS detector
MohapatraNeutrino Mass Physics and Origin of Matter at LHC

Coffee Break (Monday June 8, 10:30 AM)

Session 6 (Monday June 8, 11:00 AM)
Chair: Pran Nath
GaillardT-duality and the weakly coupled heterotic string
RandallFlavor Physics from Extra Dimensions
NillesFrom the heterotic string to the MSSM

Lunch (Monday June 8, 12:30 PM)

Session 7 (Monday June 8, 2:00 PM)
Chair: Michael Vaughn
ProfumoFundamental Physics from the Sky
PilaftsisCP Violation in Supersymmetry
TataSupersymmetry, Dark Matter and the LHC

Coffee Break (Monday June 8, 3:30 PM)

Session 8 (Monday June 8, 4:00 PM)
Chair: Tomasz Taylor
ZuminoStar Product for exterior differential forms with application to superstring theory
DixonMulti-Loop Finiteness of N=8 Supergravity

Banquet (Monday June 8, 6:30 PM)
Session 9 (Tuesday June 9, 8:30 AM)
Chair: Apostolos Pilaftsis
KleinNeutrinos from Fermilab, the Sky, the Earth, the Sun and the Stars, to Homestake
de SangroNew Physics Searches at the B-Factories
KinoshitaNew Physics Searches at the B-Factories II: Examining the Loops
MasieroCPV and Flavor in SUSY: Frustration and Hope

Coffee Break (Tuesday June 9, 10:30 AM)

Session 10 (Tuesday June 9, 11:00 AM)
Chair: Herbi Dreiner
ZerwasExtracting the fundamental parameters
LangackerThe Physics of New U(1)' Gauge Bosons
BabuRecent Progress in SUSY GUTs

Lunch (Tuesday June 9, 12:30 PM)

Session 11 (Tuesday June 9, 2:00 PM)
Chair: Brent Nelson
KaneNon-thermal wino LSP dark matter describes Pamela data welll
WagnerThe Supersymmetric Origin of Matter
BuchmullerGravitino Dark Matter

Coffee Break (Tuesday June 9, 3:30 PM)

Session 12 (Tuesday June 9, 4:00 PM)
Chair: Dieter Lüst
ShifmanNon-Abelian Strings: From Weak to Strong Coupling and Back via Duality
TrivediNon-Supersymmetric Stable Throats in Flux Compactifications
ValleNeutrino mass in supersymmetry: Theory and implications
Session 13 (Wednesday June 10, 9:00 AM)
Chair: Rabindra Mohapatra
NandiFermion Mass Hierarchy and New Physics at the TeV Scale
KingNeutrino Mass and Flavour Models
KimCurrent status of axion physics

Coffee Break (Wednesday June 10, 10:30 AM)

Session 14 (Wednesday June 10, 11:00 AM)
Chair: Wilfried Buchmuller
CarenaSupersymmetric Higgs
WinerSearching for Dark Matter with the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope

Lunch (Wednesday June 10, 12:30 PM)

Session 15 (Wednesday June 10, 2:00 PM)
Chair: Hans Peter Nilles
Senjanovic Proton Decay and Grand Unification
DienesNew Non-Trivial Vacuum Structures in Supersymmetric Field Theories
LüstStrings at the LHC
Professor Vafa's non-appearance was unintentional and resulted from a  miscommunication with the Organizing Committee