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Kolomensky, YuryLBNLSearches for a low-mass Higgs boson in Upsilon decays at BaBar
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SUSY/string models; Stueckelberg/other hidden sector models
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Extra dimensions
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Strom, DerekNorthwestern UniversityA new measurement of B_s0 mixing parameters from the flavor-tagged decays of B_s0 at D0
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Yarritu, KevinSLACMeasurement of Branching Fractions, Direct CP Asymmetry, and Isospin Violation in B -> K* gamma
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LHC/Tevatron - new physics signatures
Aleksa, MartinCERNPerformance of the ATLAS detector on first single beam and cosmic rays data
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Diaconu, CristinelCPPM/DESYModel-dependent searches for new physics at HERA
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Donega, MauroUniversity of PennsylvaniaPhoton Reconstruction and Identification with the ATLAS Detector
DZero, CollaborationDZeroSearch for Quark-Lepton compositeness with the D0 Detector
DZero, CollaborationDZeroObservation of Single Top Quark Production at D0 using Multivariate Techniques
DZero, CollaborationDZeroSearch for Anomalous Top Quark Production at D0
Everett, AdamPurdue UniversityMuon Reconstruction and Identification in CMS
French, SkyUniversity of CambridgeR-parity violation with jet signatures at the ATLAS Detector
Gershtein, YuriRutgersSearch for Hidden Valleys with Photons at D0
Gold, MichaelUniversity of New MexicoSearches for new massive vector bosons with CDF
Gopalakrishna, ShrihariBrookhaven National LabHidden Sector Dark Matter and LHC Signatures
Gupta, SudhirIowa State UniversityDistinguishing Little Higgs Models from Supersymmetry at the LHC using trileptons
Idarraga, JohnYork UniversityVector boson scattering at high mass
Isobe, TadaakiUniversity of TokyoSearch for resonances decaying into top quark pairs with ATLAS
Jabeen, ShabnamBoston UniversitySearch for New Physics Contamination in the Top Quark Samples at D0
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Reuter, JuergenUniversity of FreiburgNMSSM event generator for the LHC
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Xie, YunheBrown UniversitySearch for Charged Massive Long-Lived Particles Using Data from D0
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Dark matter, astroparticle physics and cosmology
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Gallicchio, JasonHarvardStabilized Brane Inflation without Warping
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Issever, CigdemUniversity of OxfordSearch for mini-black holes with ATLAS
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Kießig, ClemensMPI of physics, MunichThermal masses in leptogenesis
Kile, JenniferBNLLight fermionic dark matter and its possible detection in neutrino experiments
Kostka, PhilippMax-Planck-InstitutTribrid Inflation in Supergravity
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Unconventional approaches
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Plenary talks
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Baer, HowardUniversity of OklahomaLeptonic SUSY signatures at the LHC
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Zumino, BrunoUC BerkeleyStar Product for exterior differential forms with application to superstring theory
BSM-LHC Workshop talks
Barr, AlanUniversity of OxfordSparticle mass measurements at the LHC
Choi, KiwoonKAISTMass and spin measurement with M_T2 and MAOS momentum
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Martin, StephenNorthern Illinois UniversityImplications of supersymmetry with extra vector-like quarks
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