SUSY09: 5-10 June
BSM-LHC: 2-4 June

BSM/LHC '09 Schedule

Session 1 (Tuesday June 2, 8:30 AM)
Chair: George Alverson
Ledroit-GuillonATLAS prospects for early BSM searches
TerashiJet and missing ET reconstruction and signatures at ATLAS and CMS

Coffee Break (Tuesday June 2, 10:30 AM)

Session 2 (Tuesday June 2, 11:00 AM)
Chair: Haim Goldberg
HanThe "Top Priority" at the LHC
FeldmanSignatures of the Sparticle Landscape and of the Gluino NLSP
DuttaTesting mSUGRA and extensions at the LHC

Lunch (Tuesday June 2, 12:30 PM)

Session 3 (Tuesday June 2, 2:00 PM)
Chair: Tao Han
LiuHidden sector models and Signatures
EllwangerPhenomenological Aspects of the NMSSM at the LHC
NelsonStudying Gaugino Mass Unification at the LHC

Coffee Break (Tuesday June 2, 3:30 PM)

Session 4 (Tuesday June 2, 4:00 PM)
Chair: Brent Nelson
MartinImplications of supersymmetry with extra vector-like quarks
HadavandAnalyses of new physics with photons at ATLAS and CMS
GligorovB-physics at the LHC
KimColor-octet scalar bound states at the LHC

Reception (Tuesday June 2, 7:00 PM)
Session 5 (Wednesday June 3, 8:30 AM)
Chair: Werner Porod
FreitasSignatures of the minimal moose model with exact T-parity
KingExceptional Supersymmetric Standard Model
WackerDiscovering the Higgs with Low Mass Muon Pairs
HeinemeyerSUSY predictions for the LHC

Coffee Break (Wednesday June 3, 10:30 AM)

Session 6 (Wednesday June 3, 11:00 AM)
Chair: Stephen Martin
GraesserProbing Supersymmetry using Third Generation Fermions
TaylorLow Mass Strings at the LHC
GrossmanHadronization, spin, and lifetimes

Lunch (Wednesday June 3, 12:30 PM)

Session 7 (Wednesday June 3, 2:00 PM)
Chair: Dirk Zerwas
PerelsteinModel Discrimination with Simple Processes at the LHC
PorodExploring the flavour structure of supersymmetric models at the LHC
MukhopadhyayaSupersymmetry with right-chiral neutrinos and the LHC

Coffee Break (Wednesday June 3, 3:30 PM)

Session 8 (Wednesday June 3, 4:00 PM)
Chair: Steve King
Rajaraman(Meta)Stable Charged Particles at the LHC
NathMirrors at the LHC
MeridianiLepton reconstruction and signatures at ATLAS and CMS
KovalskyiTop Physics

Banquet (Wednesday June 3, 7:00 PM)
Session 9 (Thursday June 4, 8:30 AM)
Chair: Sven Heinemeyer
YetkinNew physics at ATLAS and CMS with the first data
ZerwasExtracting the fundamental parameters
Flores CastilloAnalyses of high mass resonances at ATLAS and CMS
KribsQuirky Dark Matter

Coffee Break (Thursday June 4, 10:30 AM)

Session 10 (Thursday June 4, 11:00 AM)
Chair: Paul Frampton
GunionSUSY and the Ideal Higgs Boson
WangSignals of a GeV dark sector at the LHC
DavoudiaslEchoes from a Warped Dimension

Lunch (Thursday June 4, 12:30 PM)

Session 11 (Thursday June 4, 2:00 PM)
Chair: Hooman Davoudiasl
GunionWIMP Mass Determination
BarrSparticle mass measurements at the LHC
ChoiMass and spin measurement with M_T2 and MAOS momentum

Coffee Break (Thursday June 4, 3:30 PM)

Session 12 (Thursday June 4, 4:00 PM)
Chair: Michael Vaughn
ValleProbing the origin of neutrino mass at the LHC
FramptonDesperately Seeking Intermediate-Mass Black Holes